12 Foods To Increase Your Testosterone

Want to increase your Testosterone totaltclinic? Here is what to eat to do just that.
A brilliant source of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats (the good fats). Your liver, where you get your testosterone from, metabolizes cholesterol, and therefore it is essential to get these good fats.


Eggs are rich in zinc. Zinc is responsible for stopping testosterone to be converted into oestrogen. They contain healthy cholesterol, an important building block your body needs to manufacture testosterone. They are high in protein which is beneficial if you are trying to cut down on carbohydrate to lose weight.
Oysters are one of the richest sources of zinc. As mentioned above, you need zinc to stop testosterone to be converted into oestrogen, the female hormone. Oysters are wide known to be an aphrodisiac.
Chicken livers
Just like oysters chicken livers are a good source of zinc.
Rich in protein, yoghurt is also rich in monosaturated fat and zinc. All three have a beneficial effect on the production of testosterone. Studies have shown that men who eat high levels of monosaturated fats have the highest levels of testosterone.
Want your testosterone gland function efficiently? Potassium, Folic Acid and Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K in avocados are essential.
Fruits and vegetables
Needless to say that fruits and vegetables are essential for your body not only because of the vitamins but also enzymes your body needs. Vitamin A in vegetables is essential for the good functioning of the reproductive system and therefore is helping to raise testosterone levels. Vitamin A can be found in pineapple, apples, citrus fruits, blueberries and also in brightly coloured vegetables like red peppers, tomatoes, yellow squash and green leafy vegetables like spinach.
Cabbage is very rich in IC3-a phytochemical that increases testosterone levels.
Allicin, the most active ingredient in garlic is known to enhance the production of testosterone.
Chemicals produced by oats free more testosterone in your body, therefore more testosterone flows through your body via your blood.
Not only peanuts but also other varieties of nuts have high levels of monosaturated fats. Men who eat nuts have higher levels of testosterone.
Pumpkin seeds
Pumpkin seeds are rich in unsaturated fat and provide a number of nutrients that may help enhance your testosterone levels. Pumpkin seeds provide magnesium and leucine which promotes increased testosterone levels. Pumpkin seeds are high in good fats and also contribute to the increase of testosterone levels.