Buying the best Tub Transfer Bench

A great gift for an elderly friend or relative would be purchasing the best tub transfer bench. It also makes a wonderful gift for anyone that has a broken leg, ankle or foot. Anyone that has trouble getting into and out of the bathtub for a shower can benefit from having a bath transfer bench. People with arthritis or anyone that is just not steady on their feet can use this bench with ease.

best tub transfer bench
Best tub transfer bench

To use one, you just place it so that one side is sitting inside your bath tub and one side is sitting outside of your tub. The person using it would just sit on the bench on the side that is outside of the tub and slide across while sitting. For someone in a wheelchair, the transfer bench can allow them to assist themselves. Getting over the shower curb is traditionally one of the toughest obstacles for someone in a wheelchair. But with the bench, they can slide and easily do bath transfers across the curb.

There are many dangers associated with taking a bath or shower regardless of your abilities and mobility. Falling in the bathtub is always a risk and should be avoided at all costs. A bath transfer bench gives someone back their independence to take a shower whenever they want, without asking for assistance.

Installation of a bath transfer bench is simple and quick. You just set it up and place it where you want it. Some transfer benches even come previously assembled. These benches come in many different sizes, styles and price ranges so there is sure to be one to fit your needs or the needs of the recipient.

These make perfect gifts and are sometimes overlooked when buying things for oneself. Check with your insurance company if you are purchasing it for yourself as it might be covered. The costs will depend upon your health and your insurance plan.