What are the best coffee makers

We all love our coffee and tea in the morning, me personally i prefer a nice hot coffee – well about 10 cups a day 🙂 unlike my grandmother who is a tea jennie – loves her tea – drinks up to 20 cups a day of tea (NO JOKE)

Anyway whilst alot of people have different techniques in making their coffee and tea, i use my personal coffee maker the
Breville barista express , my best friend.

What i love about this machine is it Creates the ultimate best tasting espressos coffees so fast, in less than a minute to be precise. The Barista Express it even allows you to grind the beans right before extraction, and its got several interchangeable filters and even a choice of automatic or manual operation giving you the best coffee ever.

For reviews on the machine check out the
Breville barista express review page.